Dear Friends,
Margo McNeil

Thank you for visiting this website. It has been my honor to serve as State Representative for the people of the 69th district and my privilege to speak up and speak out on behalf of the people of Florissant, Hazelwood and unincorporated St Louis County.

Many of you have voiced concerns and made suggestions to improve state government. Those concerns have inspired me to act, helping many get the answers needed and sponsoring legislation to solve a problem. Unemployment has been a big problem, so my number one priority has been to spur economic development and create jobs. Many seniors contacted me in regards to their high property taxes and my solution was to sponsor legislation to expand the Circuit Breaker for low income seniors. I was also approached by voters to serve as the main co-sponsor of the Alzheimer’s State Plan (HB272), which passed in 2009 and was the sponsor for successful legislation that increased grant awards for Alzheimer's research.

Children are our future and every child deserves a great public school education. Much of my passion and energy has been focused on ensuring that only education bills which are in the best interest of kids pass the legislature. The issue section of this website will explain my position in that and other areas in greater depth.

All legislative districts were redrawn in accord with the census data in 2012. The result has been new boundaries for my district and a new district number. I am running for re-election in the 69th district which includes a large portion of the 78th district. Click here for a map of the 69th House District.

The best part of my job is meeting constituents and learning how to make government work for you. I thank you for your support and would appreciate your vote on August 7th and on November 6th.